Saturday, 10 March 2018

Re-imagining Jane Austen's Patchwork Quilt

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's death last year a quilting project was inspired by the patchwork quilt made by Jane, her sister Cassandra and their mother.  Two quilts were commissioned as community projects.  This one is the Community Story Quilt, panels of which were made by various Jane Austen societies from around the world and local people.

Workshops were also held around Hampshire to make patchwork squares for a second quilt, The Admiral's Quilt.
I took part in the workshop at Chawton and my square is included in the Admiral's Quilt which is on display in the house.

This is the square that I made.
I was really pleased to be able to take part in such a historical project.
The original quilt that was the inspiration behind the project.
A local group of lacemakers were demonstrating bobbin lacemaking in the museum.

We had a quick look around the rest of the museum.  This is a special piece, Jane's writing desk.

Some lovely examples of babies bonnets, belonging to the Knight family.

Regency horn fan.
Portrait of the lady herself.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Snow Day

On the first day of March we woke up to snow.
We don't get snow very often in the South of England, so I was excited to get out in it! :)
Everywhere looked so beautiful.
It was -5'C, so my husband and I wrapped up well in our knitwear and headed out of the village.

Out across the fields.

To our delight and utter amazement we saw a hare!
He raced off across the field, disappearing quickly, but I just managed to capture a photo of him.
Soon there was no sign of him, except the tracks he had left in the snow.

Leaving the fields, we passed some thatched cottages,
looking very pretty with their dusting of snow.
The wind had driven the snow right up to our doorstep on our covered patio.
This little tulip braved the cold.

I made sure that the birds had lots of food,
although this cheeky one preferred to eat the shoots on my roses!

A few days later and the rain had washed away most of the snow.
We decided to walk the same route as on our snow day. 
Just puddles and lots of green,
with only a little snow left.

One week later and the little daffodils are joining the crocus and tulips.
I even found one overlooked tulip bulb in our garage starting to flower!
I have now planted it!